Tony Newsome, CWCA, HVWM, NC


Have anyone, anytime call me. (As long as they’re not in Western North Carolina)

I’ll tell them to change, heck, even cancel, appointments, to get to one of your Institutes.

It’s such an advantage for me and such a great service for an employer, I’m amazed everyone you talk to doesn’t attend.

Keep up the continuing stream of powerful knowledge that keeps me ahead of all my competitors.

You’ve made me a WorkComp believer,


Doug Esposito, CWCA, Owen Dunn, CA

Your team consistently earns the support. I am truly appreciative that you keep raising the bar and allow us the absorb and reap the benefits.

Think of me as all sponge!

Yours to count on.


Randy Boss, CWCA, MWCA, CBWA, Ottawa Kent Insurance, MI

Hey Pres,

I just closed a $130,000 premium account, start to finish in 33 days from the time I had my first appointment to the time I picked up the check.

I also have a good chance at picking up the benefits in the next 90 days. I was able to throw the other agent under the bus using the Institue’s process and coaching.

It’s just fun.


David Leng, CWCA, Duncan Insurance, PA

Hi Pres,

Here’s a great story…

The insured had one of those audit companies come in and got back a little over $4,000 from their current insurance company and several more thousands from the prior carrier. The audit company, of course, took 50% for their work.

My partner, John Duncan, sat down with the prospect to prep them for their new audit. While John was going through the packet we provided them, the prospect was shocked that the “so called expert” audit company missed several items.

Bottom line: John’s efforts resulted in the insured getting back several more thousands. We’re now the experts in the our new client’s eyes now.


Randy Boss, MWCA, CWCA, Ottawa Kent Insurance, MI

Just wrote a $320,000 premium account …$16,000 in commission and $9,000 in fees.

Not bad for selling it over the phone ? Now I’s working with them implementing the strategies.



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