Scott Addis, CWCA, Beyond Insurance Global Network, PA

Dear Pres,

The Institute is a perfect complement to my Beyond Insurance Series of Workshops, Purple Cow and Changing the Game.

In fact, the Institute is a Purple Cow in the world of insurance.

The Institute delivers practical lessons and strategies in Workers’ Comp that cement current client relationships and help get new clients.

It takes agents out of the quoting game and puts them in the Workers’ Comp consulting arena.

You’ve created an excellent partner in keeping Certified Advisors current with Workers’ Comp marketing, sales, and technical help,

Keep it up

CWCA Beyond Insurance Global Network


Sam Martin, CWCA, Lipscomb & Pitts, TN


This is a simple note to let you know that you have had more impact on my career than anyone. Period. You can quote that.


Ross Johnson, CWCA, Mountain State Insurance, WV


The help from Kevin moved the mod 15 points as opposed to 15%. The insurance company made the correction with very little “encouragement”.

Our agency CFO……who is very conservative with $$ said she heard the training was very valuable.

While I acknowledge most agencies don’t have the resources or inclination to spend on development that MSIA does……or the convenience of taking an agency airplane for the day……I do believe many could benefit from a session like that.

We need Kevin to follow up on working through two of the mods with us so that we can complete the task of advising our clients.


Jennifer Drake, CWCA, Mountain State Insurance, WV


We thank you so much for your and Kevin’s assistance last week. Finding the rule on reporting denied claims has allowed us to drop our customer’s mod 15%. This decrease saves $15,000 in premium; as well as their ability to compete for contracts.


Pat Kee, CWCA, Mountain State Insurance, WV


I was blown away when I heard Kevin in Orlando at the Birthday Bash on the experience mod. He really knocked me over. He said the right thing at the right time, added humor, and really kept everyone’s interest. He knows Mods.

I was a little worried a few years ago if the Institute would be able to maintain the same technical skills with the same level of charisma as before .After Orlando, I have no doubts. Kevin was really impressive and the program was great.

Anyone who wants to jump ahead and stay ahead of their competition for Workers’ Comp should take the Certified WorkComp Advisor course…especially with the changes coming in Workers Comp.


You’ll receive important information to help you avoid overcharges on your workers’ compensation.