Jay Roberts, CWCA, JJ Wade & Associates, NC

You asked me to let you know the outcome of this audit dispute I had been working on (window washing above ground level vs window washing on ground level). After additional back and forth with the carrier we were successfully able to overturn the dispute and get the carrier to agree that the insured was incorrectly classified in the window washing above ground level class code. They were originally asked to pay $37k. We only had to pay the undisputed portion of $15k, and the disputed portion was cancelled. We saved the insured $22k! They called me this morning and were ECSTATIC!

Man it feels good to be an institute member.


Gary Duckworth, CWCA, Pacific Diversified, CA

The quality of the information from IWCP, along with the individual support from the team members, are beyond my expectations.

Most importantly, to have the sales theme present in all areas of the program makes the membership my best career investment in a long time. Thank you!


Pat Olmert, CWCA, Watkins Insurance, VA


Your ability to help me with my clients audit and helping us suggest a more appropriate code to the carrier was nothing short of “priceless”. In my clients on words, “I don’t make $15,000 a day. You just help me do that”

Since attending the Institute of WorkComp Professionals in fall 2016, I have dramatically increased my commercial production, opened opportunities that were once unapproachable and now lead the office in production for the very first time.

I often referred to insurance as a non-tangible product but the Institute has given me something tangible to sell and give to my clients. Your process of helping our clients “manage their MODs” is a huge door opener and from what I can see so far, opportunities are endless. I can’t thank you enough for your help, the Institute and the enthusiasm you have restored in me for our industry.

If there is anyone hesitant about signing up with the Institute, please do not hesitate to send them my way.
Look forward to discussing another client’s needs soon.


Ryan Wakely, CWCA, Commercial Management Insurance Services, CA

Since signing up with the IWCP and earning the CWCA, I’ve been able to provide more value to my current book of business, as well as knock out the competition on new accounts.

When you become a CWCA, you separate yourself from other brokers. The skills and support you gain help you become more than a broker – you become an essential part of your customer’s business and risk management initiatives. No one else out there is supporting a worker’s compensation program like a CWCA.

The accounts that I am introducing the process to have been neglected by the incumbent. In 5 minutes, I can teach them more about workers’ compensation than their incumbent has in 5 years.

In the last month, I have had more workers’ compensation conversations with business owners than I can count. I’ve even expanded operations outside my state of California. This is due to the confidence and experience gained through the CWCA process.

I even got a bind request during my kick off call with Preston!



Jordan Mann, MWCA, CWCA, SmartComp Mid Atlantic, VA

Hey Guys,
Being a member of IWCP has been by far, the most impactful insurance group I have ever belonged to.
And, this is from someone with 34 years of experience in professional insurance
IWCP provides us with a roadmap and process to move from the traditional quote and hope agency, to an agency of choice. Each WorkComp client feels they receive meaningful ways, beyond price and coverage, to obtain results they can measure, understand and know they are on the way to their lowest legal minimum WorkComp cost.

Add the network of IWCP “friends” who chip in anytime we want to pick their brains about WorkComp positioning and other market and marketing situations, keeps reinforcing our decision to run with IWCP.

The Institute is a game changer. It’s that simple. You call yourself, “Your Workers’ Comp Help Desk.”
This is definitely not overstated.
I love you guys. Even when my brain isn’t working, which is often the case, yours always are. Jordan and I learn a lot, each time with you. Visiting HQ in Asheville for the day topped it off. Can’t wait to come back. You are the best”


You’ll receive important information to help you avoid overcharges on your workers’ compensation.