About Us

Building an error and overcharge free Workers' Compensation Program that you control, not the insurance company.
IMPACT WorkComp team helps you reduce and control Workers' Compensation costs through its copyrighted 20 step process.

  • Dedicated to helping employers crush Workers’ Comp costs through finding and fixing errors and recovering money already spent.
  • Helping employers drive their experience modification factor down to its minimum thus
    releasing locked up capital.
  • Creating recovery at work programs both employers and employees embrace to prevent
    disruption customer service and business output.
  • Making businesses attractive to insurance companies through a trademarked Risk Profile
    Discovery – Result: insurance companies want your business. That means you don’t have to fight to find the right insurance company for you.
  • IMPACT WorkComp is a division of Demo Agency, Inc


You’ll receive important information to help you avoid overcharges on your workers’ compensation.

    Meet Your Team

    Preston Diamond

    With over 60 years of experience in insurance, Pres has seen it all. He began as a producer, worked his way up to agency owner (he still maintains an ownership interest in a niche book in California) before being asked by legendary great, Gary Holgate to join his consulting firm. Pres has been helping agents succeed ever since. He’s consulted in over 450 agencies nationwide, sharing his expertise in systems and procedures; client acquisition and retention.

    In addition, Pres developed the ISU franchise Agency’s Personal Lines Systems; built the Society of CPIA’s Sales Success School, and is one of two insurance certified Face-to-Face sales instructors. He created the 6th Sense Proposal System for insurance professionals, and Client Care system for creating clients for life. Pres is a founding director of the Institute of WorkComp Professionals and co-founder of the Institute of Benefits and Wellness Advisors. He has authored articles that have appeared in many trade publications; presented at CIC Ruble seminars, as well as for many state and national associations and other insurance groups.

    Kevin Ring

    Kevin joined the Institute in 2003 after a stint managing systems for a mid-sized manufacturing company.
    A licensed P&C agent, Kevin has an affinity for making the technical simple, whether it be insurance or computers. He is skilled at executing the Institute process. He is especially adept at unraveling ex-mods and audits and classification clarifications.

    Kevin’s plain speak approach is the key whether he is presenting at an Institute, giving workshops for employers, presenting workers’ comp to employers or presenting teleclasses for Advisors. His technical workers’ comp skills have helped Advisors through sticky situations (including analyzing a 68 page mod sheet) and he’s constantly working with Advisors to deepen their knowledge of the Institute process

    Kevin has analyzed more than 500 experience mod worksheets, finding and fixing errors for CWCA’s and their clients. Because of his experience working with Advisors and analyzing mods, he designed and directed the development of ModIMPACT, IWCP’s mod analysis tool which helps you better understand the mod, how it impacts premium costs and how to control it. It is a quick, simple and

    Teresa Long

    Teresa’s experience includes 14 years as Workers’ Compensation Claims Manager for Walt Disney World and most recently Vice President of Risk Management for Sarasota, FL-based Unisource Administrators, Inc., managing general agent and third party administrator, where she was responsible for client services for all professional employee organizations, large deductible and self-insured clients and product development. She was also vice president of Sarasota International Risk & Insurance Services (SIRIS, a third party claim administrator for self-insured and large deductible clients), a subsidiary of RISCORP, a Florida domiciled insurance company.

    Teresa was also instrumental in the founding of the Association of Workers’ Compensations Claims Professionals (WCCP) and a Board Member and regular speaker for the Florida Workers’ Compensation Institute for over 20 years.

    Teresa joined the Institute of WorkComp Professionals in 2008. In addition to keeping our community abreast of claim strategies, she puts her knowledge and expertise to work managing claims for IWCP certified agencies on a retainer basis.