Patrick Doran, CWCA, The Horton Group, IL

I feel like I have a much better handle on workers’ comp after this class. I liked the real-life examples and how much the instructors knew.
Preston and Kevin were very knowledgeable and helpful. I liked how they would go into detail on topics and had answers to my questions.


Matt Baker, CWCA, AW Welt Ambrisco, IA

Not every agent wants to put the time into becoming a better producer.
This IWCP class is a stepping stone in bettering your craft and making you stand out compared to your competition. I know I will need to review a lot of the material, but I am much stronger now than I was before this class. I like how they stress having fun–it’s already my passion, but making the process simpler and more fun. I also think the ongoing assistance from the IWCP will be nice to have on my side.


Brad Hodapp, CWCA, AW Welt Ambrisco, IA

Yes, it’s a lot jammed into 1.5 days, but its worth it! I like how the information is presented to a small group in a very casual and friendly way. You can really tell they are there to help.


Dominic Caraguilo, CWCA, The Horton Group, IL

The Institute’s curriculum is very insightful and in depth. Will make you consider tings regarding comp that you haven’t before.


Eric Pach, CWCA, Minard-Ames Insurica, AZ

These guys at the Institute are the most technically savvy bunch of hillbillies out there! They’re a fantastic partner to have in your court, helping you be the best work comp broker in your territory. I especially liked how they help me target winning new business.


You’ll receive important information to help you avoid overcharges on your workers’ compensation.